Our Story

Why does Terrae exist?

This is a question that I ask myself at least once a month. The short answer? I love making things, always have. The long answer? PSA: I’m not kidding when I say long, but I think it’s important and some of you may be curious- I mean you did click on this page for one reason or another, and I hope it’s because you want to learn more about this mission. So if you are, please continue reading.
I started Terrae after I was about 7-8 years into my career in the fashion industry. I have a background in Design/Tech Design and work on the production side of the industry, communicating with vendors all over the world on a daily basis. With this experience came knowledge of what happens behind the scenes of the industry and it is anything but the glamorous rep “being in fashion” has. Most materials and manufacturing practices used in apparel are harmful to the environment throughout various stages of a product’s lifecycle, factory workers are poorly treated, overworked and severely underpaid, brands carelessly dispose of (burn) damaged or late goods that are no longer in season, just to name a few off the top of my head. Learning this, my first instinct was to find a new career (I can be very impulsive for those who don’t know me personally), but instead I decided to make change from within. I went back to school at night to learn all about sustainability within the industry. I became an advocate for 3D design and sampling, but it wasn’t enough. I felt that the company I worked for at the time was not moving fast enough, and since I wasn’t in the C Suite I didn’t have much say in the sustainability initiatives.
Then, a pandemic hit.
And while I am so fortunate that I didn’t lose my job, I found myself working from home 24/7. My husband, no joke, would bring me breakfast and lunch to my “office” and I only got up from my chair to use the bathroom. Everything was urgent, timelines were shrinking while product size doubled and tripled and team size remained the same. I spoke to my manager on a weekly basis about this for months, making my case for even just one more team member, while trying to keep my current team from overworking and burnout. I had multiple panic attacks, one that even led to an asthma attack, and my manager’s response was, “well everyone is feeling this way.” That’s when it clicked, the profit was more important than the people. I mean for fuck’s sake, we were making t-shirts, not saving lives. I started looking back at the overall mentality of the industry and realized that it’s not just the practices and the overseas partners that needed reform, but internally the corporate mentality and relationship needed to change too. And while I couldn’t control the people around me, I could control my mindset, my boundaries and my priorities as well as set an example for my team.
I stopped working before 9am and after 6pm. I started taking lunch breaks. I used that time to think about what I really wanted and what I really loved. I wanted to take care of myself, something workaholics rarely do. I loved creating things and being outdoors and spending time with my loved ones. I started meditating and doing yoga which helped me put things into perspective. I realized that (warning: cliche coming) this life is unpredictable and too short to wait for things to get better. Happiness takes work, and while I’m here on this Earth I’m going to work my fucking ass off to be happy as many seconds as possible, and I’m going to do what I love every chance I get.
So, I started Terrae.
As a way to create beautiful things that help people create an oasis in their home where they can unwind and find pure bliss. A way to remind people to put themselves and their health above all else, and to take a breath, a break, have a laugh or whatever else they need in that moment.
A way to ensure that if more product is being put on this Earth, it’s being made with the best and safest materials and by people who are fairly treated, respected and happy.
A way to create an environment where employees are proud of their work, fulfilled and encouraged to follow their passions. An environment where all people are celebrated and welcome. Where mentorship, growth and personal development are prioritized.
As a way to be happy.