Our Mantras in Business (and Life)

Our Mantras in Business (and Life)

Our Mantras in Business (and Life)

Founder, Chelsea Mooney, kneeling on an indigo rug on the beach next to a rock with a California Coast Travel Candle on it.  She's facing the ocean, listening to the waves crash along the short.  She's wearing a vintage denim jacket and white boyfriend jeans.  Her hair is casually up in a bun as she meditates in one of her favorite places.

While we believe that life shouldn't be too serious, there is one thing we are always serious about at Terrae, and that's our values, or mantras if you will.  We believe in living a life of purpose and intention, making sure that we are providing value and creating positive impact with everything we do. 

From my experience in the fashion industry, companies can have great intentions and values that they put in place, but often get lost in the hustle of running a business and cultures can be diminished, missions forgotten. 

That's why I want to share our values with you; to let you know what we are about & why we do things and to be held accountable to always uphold our principles. 

Without these mantras, Terrae has no reason to exist.

- People & Planet over Profit, Always.

We will never value profit over the health and safety of our planet and our people.  Our people meaning all people; not just our internal team, our manufacturing partners and our customers, but all people on this Earth.  Especially those that are underrepresented and marginalized.  We support various charities throughout the year, including Charity Water, the EDF, Loveland Foundation and the Trevor Project.  Profit will never matter if there's no more planet or people.

- Design Intentionally with Mother Earth in Mind.

We know that consumerism will never go away, so we want to make sure all of the products we offer are made in a way that is safe for people and planet using materials that are sourced from the Earth.  We will never use plastic anywhere in our products and packaging, and even limit the use of it in our studio (never using single use plastic, ever).  Our goal is to create products that will last a lifetime (or two or three), are biodegradable or circular.  We never want to make anything that ends in a landfill.  We want to provide people with alternatives to conventional goods that are made with margins in mind instead of sustainability.

- Wellbeing above All Else.

Everyone has different goals in life, different views on what makes a "good" life, and what their purpose is.  We respect that and believe that everyone deserves the right to be happy and fulfilled, even if that may look different from our idea of success.  But one thing we stand firm on is that everyone should always put their own wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional, above all else.  Without this, true nirvana can never be attained.  The best advocate for you is you, love and take care of yourself.

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Have questions or comments on our values?  Want to share your favorite foundations and charities?  Have a fun fact I'd enjoy?  I'd love to chat! Send an email to chelsea@terraecollective.com to get a conversation started!

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