Effortless Self Care Practices in 30 Minutes or Less

Effortless Self Care Practices in 30 Minutes or Less

Indigo shibori meditation rug set on the beach with the ocean in the background.  There is a rose gold metal candle lit on a rock next to the rug.  It's at dawn, the sun is just about to rise.  The coastline is visible out in the distance.

Effortless Self Care Practices in 30 Minutes or Less

Growing up I was a somewhat active kid, playing softball recreationally until my junior year of high school.  I definitely am not an athlete; I wasn't very competitive so the allure of team sports faded when I didn't really care about winning the game when everyone else did.  I was also never one for the gym, I think when I was living in the dorms at UDel I may have went to the gym a handful of times, but nothing regularly.  I do remember, though, this Shape Workout DVD that I used at least 3x a week for years, hell I think I might even still have it! It was a 20 minute kickboxing workout with Yumi Lee.  I can still remember the sequences even though it's probably been 10 years since I worked out to that video.
10 years.  What happened in those 10 years? Until I started practicing yoga and meditation two years ago, I haven't had a regular workout routine since that video.  In that timeframe, I've graduated college, went headfirst into building my career in the fashion industry, moved to LA, got married, moved back to NY, thought I found my dream job, realized it wasn't a dream job at all, moved back to LA **big gulp for air, finished with a sigh** 10 years went by so quickly.  It took me 10 years to see what I was doing to my body by putting my career ahead of my health.  And sure, a lot of factors went in to where I'm at healthwise today, but let me tell you that I'm sure I'm not the only one that when things get busy, self care is the first thing to go.
And now I'm 31 and burnt out to shit.  At 31!! I should be energized, excited and ready to keep climbing!  But instead I'm tired.  Because when work and life started soaring I put my healthy routines to the side, and I'm now in a place where I need to rebuild my health to actually get to where I want to be and do what I love.  I look back on it now and think, what could've been more important that I couldn't even carve out 20 minutes for that damn video, something I actually enjoyed?!
Well, today is a new day and I'm a new person.  It took months of yoga and meditation practice for my mindset on health to change.  And now I want to share that with you.  If you have been in a similar boat where you are putting your career, your family, your life, whatever it is, ahead of your own health, too tired to practice self care at the end of the day, I'm glad you found me.  Self care in many ways is misinterpreted as a luxury; something that you need to spend time and money on, but there are so many little things you can be doing each day, all in under 30 minutes, that can make a difference.  Here are some of my faves:  

For the babe with 10 minutes to spare

- Yoga/Meditation Sequence

    - Roll out your yoga mat or a blanket/towel and start out on hands and knees. I time my practice with a ~10 minute song, like this one from Spotify.
    - Take 5 breaths alternating cat/cow pose
    - On your 6th breath, sit back into child's pose for 4 long breaths.  I like to spread my knees as wide as the mat and lay forehead on the ground, rolling forehead back and forth. 
    - After you take your 4th breath in child's pose, transition to savasana, laying on your back with legs and arms relaxed in a comfortable position.  At this point, I like to use either my Peace Meditation Mask or Intuition Meditation Mask, depending on my mood.
    - Lay (with or without mask on) for remaining time. Focus on your breathing, taking breaths in through the nose and out the mouth. Inhale the soothing scent of lavender or sage, listen to the calming music, feel your body on the floor, your heels, your bum, your shoulders, the back of your head, grounded.  Melt into the mat/blanket. 
- Once the song ends, take one more deep breath in through the nose and out the mouth. slowly roll to one side then push up to sit.  Congratulate yourself for  dedicating time just for you!
 Woman in her 30s meditating with an eye mask and candle, laying on an olive green yoga mat.  She is wearing a grey sweatshirt and has her hair up in a messy bun.

For the babe with 20 minutes to spare

- Essential Oil Bath

    - Begin drawing a bath with water as hot as you like, I tend to put it on full blast until the bath is about 80% full, then proceed to burn my toes as I step in and fill the rest up with cold 😉
    - Light some candles, I tend to have a mix of travel and meditation candles lining my tub because they fit well.  Currently I'm enjoying Italian Grove and Intuition Meditation, they blend very well together! 
    - Pour yourself a glass of wine, a beer, an iced tea. Whatever brings you bliss!
    - Before you step in, drizzle a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the bath.  5-10 drops is plenty.  Because I'm lighting Italian Grove, I've been using Eucalyptus and Lemon Essential Oils in the bath.  This has been a crazy allergy season for me, so those clear me right up!
    - Lastly, turn on some music if you like, get in and relax!  Enjoy your beverage, the clean, awakening scents of your candles and oils, and let your mind rest.  This time is for you!
Woman with her back facing the camera in a large soak tub with a glass of red wine.  She has many different candles lit on the mantle of the tub along with a pink Himalayan salt tower.

For the babe with 30 minutes to spare

- Do Something Active, Preferably Outside!

This obviously has many variables to it, depending on where you live, how the weather is, etc.  But here are a few light activities you can do in 30 minutes:
    - Go for a walk outside.  Walk around your neighborhood, your house, whatever.  Take your dog if you have one!
    - Have sex.  With yourself or a partner.  Sexual wellness is a thing! Go watch The Principles of Pleasure if you haven't already 😉
    - Kickbox with Yumi Lee!  OK this one is partially for the laughs, but in all seriousness, if you still use DVDs, it is a great 20-something minute workout!  You can find it here.
Australian Shepard Dog on a Hike at Vasquez Rocks in California.  The sky is bright blue and the rocks are in the background.  The dog, Brae, is enjoying the hike!
Here's a cute pic of my dog Brae on a hike at Vasquez Rocks earlier this year 😘

I want to hear from you!

Do you already have an established daily self care routine?  Or does anything from this list catch your eye? Let me know what works for you and maybe what hasn't!  You can always email me at chelsea@terraecollective.com ❤️

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So many different self-care activities/resources!! You the bomb, thank you! <3 <3

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I love these! Keep them coming please ❤️

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